Current Benefit Offer

The Absolute Best Consumer Benefit Offer in Australian Motoring History...

Eurocars¬† ‘Unique Diamond Value

Consumer Protection Package’

Rod Slater’s Eurocars offers the BEST Consumer Benefits Package in the Australian Automotive Industry…..

Established in 1971 and now ‘Famed for Fairness’, Eurocars offers a range of Sedans, Hatchbacks, Wagons, Convertibles and S.U.V.s with FREE 5 Years Extend Nationwide Warranty AND FREE 5 Years Nationwide Roadside Assistance on ALL Vehicles priced at $5.000 and above, when purchased at the advertised price.¬† NOW THAT is a Benefit you will NOT get anywhere else in Australia.
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Eurocars FREE ‘DIAMOND VALUE’ Protection Package Offers…..

5 Yr UNLIMITED Km Warranty (Australia wide)

5 Yr Roadside Assistance (Australia wide)

Number of Claims permitted over the 5 Year period is UNLIMITED…!!!

BUT….. If ‘Buying on a Budget’ you may ‘Purchase by Tender’ on any of our vehicles,

  • Purchase by ‘TENDER’
  • Make a written ‘Offer’ (on prescribed form)
  • If YOUR ‘Bid’ is commercially viable, then WE say “YES” then YOU BUY the car at YOUR nominated price… but WITHOUT any benefits or protection
  • NO Benefits or Warranties will apply to any purchase by this option.
  • Same principle applies as if you were ‘Buying Privately’ or at ‘Auction’ and ‘What You See, Is What You Get’ with ALL ‘Faults’ if any. So PLEASE consider all above BEFORE submitting YOUR tender.

BUT… Please Remember….

The ‘Joy’ of a ‘Low-Price’ may soon be forgotten… But the ‘Bitter Taste’ of a ‘Bad Decision’ may last forever!


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