Motorhomes in the UK – Amber Leisure

England, Wales and Scotland – motorhome hire is the easiest way to get around and make sure you see all the sights of the UK. Forget the hassle of trying to find a hotel every night and combine transport with accommodation, allowing you more time to explore. The UK’s fantastic road network allows you to easily drive between cities as well as pass through some amazing scenery.


Luxury 2

Luxury 2 berth
2 berth

Ultimate 2

Ultimate 2 berth
2 berth

Luxury 4

Luxury 4 berth
4 berth

Ultimate 4

Ultimate 4 berth
4 berth

Luxury 5

Luxury 5-6 berth
5-6 berth

Luxury 6

Luxury 6 berth
6 berth

Ultimate 6

Ultimate 6 berth
6 berth

Luxury 7

Luxury 7 berth
7 berth