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Citroen Europass

Citroën Euro Pass includes:

  • A brand new left-hand drive Citroën or DS vehicle
  • New car factory warranty
  • Comprehensive vehicle insurance (including fire, theft and third party) with NO excess
  • Insurance also includes cover for fuel inversion (wrong fuel), glass and punctures! (Rental cars often exclude these items.)
  • Unlimited mileage
  • Free collection and return within France
  • Great value delivery/return fees if you wish to collect/return outside France
  • All paperwork and payment completed before you depart Australia
  • A minimum driver age of 18 years, with a full drivers licence (Note: International Drivers Permit highly recommended and/or compulsory in some European countries)
  • No maximum driver age (as long as you have a full drivers licence)
  • No extra driver fees (conditions apply – refer Booking Conditions)
  • 24/7 Assistance call centre in case of accident, fire, theft, vandalism or breakdown
  • Comprehensive documentation including tips and advice for driving in Europe
  • Emergency triangle and one reflectorised jacket (to comply with French law)

You will receive comprehensive documentation before you leave Australia with collection/return location instructions.

Who can drive a tax-free vehicle?

The minimum driver age is 18 years (no maximum driver age) and you must hold a valid driving licence recognised in the EU. If you hold a full Australian drivers licence, an International Drivers Permit (in conjunction with your Australian licence) is highly recommended (compulsory in some countries).

The leased vehicle may be driven only by the holder of the Citroën Euro Pass Order Form (the “Contract Holder”) or his/her Partner (i.e. spouse or legal co-habitant), direct descendants or ascendants, if they qualify for the scheme (refer “Eligibility”) and hold valid driving licences (as noted previously).

Direct ascendants/descendants may only drive the vehicle locally and cannot drive across country borders without the Contract Holder.

The spouse/legal co-habitant can cross country borders, even if the Contract Holder is not in the vehicle.

Other drivers (not descendants/ascendants/spouse/legal co-habitant) can only drive the vehicle if they meet the same Eligibility conditions as the Contract Holder and the Contract Holder is inside the vehicle and unable to drive due to an emergency or exceptional circumstances.
The leased vehicle may not be used in any way to generate any income, profit or gain.
Note: it is the Contract Holders responsibility to ensure they are aware of the driving requirements through each European country.

What sort of insurance do I have?

Your Citroën Euro Pass contract includes a comprehensive insurance policy including accident, fire, theft and third party cover with no excess.

I am travelling with children – what is the rule with regard to child seats?

The rule in France is that all children under 10 years must be in a child restraint, based on their weight.

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