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MVDL 19644

Why is it that Rod has such faith in French Cars?

Rod is an automotive engineer and a former motor sport competitor, who raced and rallied French Cars exclusively throughout his very successful motor sport career, he says it is due to the strength, engineering, durability, sure-footed-ness and inbuilt safety of these cars that he was able to win two Rally Championships and several other motor racing events and not kill himself in the process, despite some very spectacular high speed ‘incidents’.

In effect Rod has bet both his life and business future on the ‘Cars of France’ and never once have they let him down, hence he is a devoted admirer of French Automotive design and engineering and seeks to share that joy with other Motorists throughout Western Australia.

Amongst Rod’s list of ‘Satisfied Eurocars Customers’ he proudly includes, Abigail (Star of Number 96), Ernie Dingo (purchased his first car from Eurocars), Major General Michael Jeffery ( Governor of Western Australia and later Governor General of Australia, who purchased cars from Eurocars from mid 1970′s to late 1990′s), Senator Whithers, Senator Crane, Mr. Tom Bunning, Dr. Tom Cullity, RAC of Western Australia, Bond Corporation, to name but a few of the tens of thousands of motorists who have trusted their motoring requirements to Eurocars, since 1971.


  • FIRST in World to Cross Sahara Desert
  • FIRST to achieve 5 Star Safety Rating
  • Winner of World Rally Championship, LeMans 24Hour Race, World Formula 1 Championship.
  • Renault Powered Cars have enjoyed more F1 World Championship podium Finishes than has Ferrari


  • FIRST to Circumnavigate Australia in 1925.
  • Winner of World Rally Championship 8 years in succession. Pioneers of HydoPneumatic Suspension.


  • Winner of FIRST Redex Round Australia Trial in 1953.
  • Multiple Winner World Rally Championship, Multiple Winner 24 Hour LeMans.


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